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DeVOtioN Subs

Showing DeVOtioN Towards Those We Love

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DeVOtioN is "devoted" to the JE hotties~ and then some~ ^_^
Well, this is an LJ, completely and totally "DeVOted" to JE, mhmm~ Anything and EVERYTHING JE related goes here. Whether it be simple music, albums, videos, performances, wallpapers, icons, personal art, etc. I hope everyone can come in and either find what their looking for, or at least meet crazy people, lol!! :P Anywayz, what DeVOtioN is all about, is not just drooling over JE guys, but also, getting to know new people, and just..being alive I guess you could say. Come on in and join in on our insanity. I'm terribly sorry for the simplicity of our layout, but I assure you, it will be updated and changed eventually. Look forward to it! ^_^

-Kame~ [aka, Dymed_AnGel, One of two DeVOtioN's Founders]