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About DeVOtioN
DeVOtioN started off as a spur of the moment thing. There were no real big plans for it. But, over time, it has grown. And now, I've decided to take it further by bringing you "DeVOtioN Subs".

DeVOtioN's interests are fairly big and is here to spread the love of JE, a select J-Actors and even some Korean love~ If you're interested, then feel free to join us! Be it applying for a space on our team, or leeching off from us (>_>), DeVOtioN is up for it! :P

September 2011
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Dymed_AnGel [userpic]

Yosh!! FINALLY!! I'm back~!! hehe~ And, since..well, DeVOtioN hadn't really released anything officially, here's her very first release! We bring you KAT-TUN's Live @ Kaizokuban ENCORE, and 2006 Shonen Club "Special Happiness", Kamenashi Kazuya & Taguchi Junnosuke. Hope you all enjoy our first release as much as we did doing it. ^_^  (Also, credit goes to whoever translated them. Even though I've gotten permission from a lot of you who translate lyrics, to use them, since I got the lyrics a long time ago, I don't remember from who exactly, but definitely from kattunlove, so if the lyrics are yours, do say so and I'll credit you properly, thanks ^_^)

Kaizokuban ENCORE: Download:

[SC-04-'06] Kamenashi Kazuya & Taguchi Junnosuke - Specical Happiness: Download:
MU-1 (& MU-2 provided by jin_no_yume)

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Dymed_AnGel [userpic]

Since today I have FINALLY finished cleaning up this community. It begins anew~ At the moment, nobody's allowed to post or maintain besides the ones already given access (I have changed that list...). Considering the fact that NO ONE was active AT ALL, I have decided to start DeVOtioN from the beginning. DeVOtioN is now a fansubbing group. Granted I don't have a translator, but that will come in due time. This LJ is strictly for updates on DeVOtioN's releases for now. I may or may not decide to let members post, I'm thinkin that's what DeVOtioN's Forum should be for, ne? Anywayz, that's that. Any questions, pm me or bother me on msn (If you have it. This is directed at those who I've removed as maintainers, or who used to actually care about DeVOtioN ne~).

DeVOtioN Subs is also in need of a Japanese Translator. If there's -anyone- who's up for it, or would like to join, let me know~ Thanks!

To start off, I'm going to update with all the releases I've done so far, whether my own or in collaboration with je_mix_fansubs.

Here, I'ma write out the list of Projects I'm intending on subbing, or currently working on. Considering the fact that this is not a complete fansubbing group, things may go slow, lol~ At the moment, it's only Tsuki-chan and I. She's my QC-er ne~ hehehe~ Demo ne~ It's fun and I can do whatever I want, really :P If other people join or show interest, then perhaps DeVOtioN can get somewhere, heh~ Even though I'm a member of je_mix_fansubs, I shall try to balance both equally, ne~ (who cares? hahaha) Anywayz, onto the list.

Almost/Ready For Release:
[Kaizokuban] Akanishi Jin - Murasaki

Current Projects:

Cartoon KAT-TUN Episode 45 (Timing)
Cartoon KAT-TUN Episode 46 (Timing)
[DVD] Tour 2007 Cartoon KAT-TUN II You DVD (collab with JE Mix Fansubs) (Timing)

[SC-2006.04.09] Kame - Seishun Amigo (Timing)

(All Kaizokuban Solos in collaboration with JE Mix Fansubs)
[Kaizokuban] Tatsuya Ueda - Love in Snow
[Kaizokuban] Kamenashi Kazuya - Kizuna
[Kaizokuban] Tanaka Koki - Real 7
[Kaizokuban] Nakamaru Yuichi - Jinx
NEWS - Taiyou no Namida @ Music Station

Pending/Backseat Projects:

[DVD] Dreamboys 2007 - Show Time (KAT-TUN Music Parts)
[DVD] 2005 Kaizokuban Concert
[PV] Kamenashi Kazuya - 16 Seconds
[PV] Akanishi Jin - Pinky
[PV] Tatsuya Ueda - Sparking
[SC] Akanishi Jin - Pinky
[SC] Tanaka Koki - Make You Wet
[SC-2003] YamaPi - Sawarenai
[SC] G.Y.M - Colorful (YamaPi)
[SC] G.Y.M - My Angel
KAT-TUN - Six Senses

Finished Projects:

[DVD] Tour 2007 Cartoon KAT-TUN II You Disc 1a (collab with je_mix_fansubs)
[PV] V6 - Way of Life
[SC-2006.04.09] Kame & Junno - Special Happiness
[Kaizokuban] ENCORE - No Matta, Matta & Do~ni Kanaru sa
The Making of Signal (Joint with Hesitate Fansubs)
[SC] KAT-TUN - I Like It
[JEMix] Naniwa-Shamisen Boogie medley with ABC/Kisumai as backdancers
[SC] KAT-TUN - Fly
Kanjani8 - Omatsuri Medley (2005)
[Kaizokuban] Taguchi Junnosuke - Kurui Kaketa Haguruma
[JEMix] KAT-TUN - Andalusia ni Akogarete @ SC
[JEMix] CKT II You DVD - Letter Reading Segment
[JEMix] KAT-TUN ft.Kusumai - Hikari Genji Medley
[JEMix] Kanjani8 - Wahaha PV
CKT II You - Tatsuya Ueda "LOST" [Not perfect timing/karaoke, was my very first project, hehe]

NOTE: We'll be taking on Cartoon KAT-TUN since chikara21 has announced she can no longer sub it. If there's any translators that are willing to help/join the team, then either comment here, pm me or add me to msn, thanks~

My msn is:

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