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About DeVOtioN
DeVOtioN started off as a spur of the moment thing. There were no real big plans for it. But, over time, it has grown. And now, I've decided to take it further by bringing you "DeVOtioN Subs".

DeVOtioN's interests are fairly big and is here to spread the love of JE, a select J-Actors and even some Korean love~ If you're interested, then feel free to join us! Be it applying for a space on our team, or leeching off from us (>_>), DeVOtioN is up for it! :P

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Dymed_AnGel [userpic]
[Subbed] Cartoon KAT-TUN II You DVD Disc 1b

Hey guys~! I know you've probably read similar to what I'm about to write, in the other two communities, but oh well, here goes! YAYS! The second part of Disc one is done and finally released~! Demo..minna-san, I'm terribly sorry for the HUGE filesize. I tried to get it lower, but honestly I was not happy with the lower quality at all. When I put it for a lower (more common) filesize, the video quality would suffer, and if TOO low, so would the audio. So...here it is, all 1.6gb of it. Gomen ne, but I hope you'll all be happy with this release nonetheless.

If anyone of you out there knows any other way of encoding a filesize such as this one, into a smaller size, while not affecting the video quality much, then by all means, lemme know~! XD (or you're most welcome to join DeVOtioN Subs if you're interested and is real good at encoding :O). Anywho, enough babbling! All links can be found at je_mix_fansubs , so run on over there for 'em! Enjoy~ Until the next, final CKT DVD release, jya ne~!

Will be postin an update to DeVOtioN's project list soon, look forward to it minna~ ^_^


Cartoon KAT-TUN II You DVD Disc 1b

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sugoi. best birthday surprise this year!!
will definitely DL it after my exam today.

thank you for all the hard work!