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About DeVOtioN
DeVOtioN started off as a spur of the moment thing. There were no real big plans for it. But, over time, it has grown. And now, I've decided to take it further by bringing you "DeVOtioN Subs".

DeVOtioN's interests are fairly big and is here to spread the love of JE, a select J-Actors and even some Korean love~ If you're interested, then feel free to join us! Be it applying for a space on our team, or leeching off from us (>_>), DeVOtioN is up for it! :P

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Dymed_AnGel [userpic]
Update on CKT and other projects...

Gomen ne, minna-san. It's been a VERY VERY VERY long time since anything here has been updated. Here's the 411 on what's goin on with DeVOtioN atm. My computer is dead, the whole meaning of the word. I don't know when it will be fixed, if it ever will be. Atm, I'm using a computer that was given to me by a friend. It's lower than my computer and can't handle a lot of things. I have finally checked to see if it can handle subbing, and it seems to be able to. So, here's what's goin on with some of the projects I was working on.

First off, due to my computer's sudden death, I lost a lof of my project files...yes, you read that right. Meaning, a lot of these projects will have to be re-started! I'm so terribly sorry. I know that KAT-TUN's new concert will be comin out soon, and I assure you, you will get to have the whole CKT concert subbed before the new one is out. I just checked the stuff that I had and it seems...that CKT's second part and disc three project files were lost....Meaning, I will be starting from scratch again. They were almost done too!! *friggin dies* BUT! Unlike many other subbers, I don't have a life. So, I will probably have them both done..again, in about two weeks. Please be patient and wait for them. Once again, I apologize :(

Once I have finished the timing and karaoke of both parts, all that awaits would be the QC-ing, and encoding. I understand you all have been waiting a very long time to see it done. Being a diehard KAT-TUN fan myself, once again, I'm terribly sorry for the wait...:( Here's what I will try my best to get out to you all in the next month...

Project Priorities for DeVOtioN:

[DVD] Tour 2007 Cartoon KAT-TUN II You DVD Disc 01b (collab with JE Mix Fansubs) (Timing)
[DVD] Tour 2007 Cartoon KAT-TUN II You DVD Disc 02   (collab with JE Mix Fansubs) (Timing)

(All Kaizokuban Solos in collaboration with JE Mix Fansubs)

[Kaizokuban] Akanishi Jin - Murasaki (Timed)
[Kaizokuban] Tatsuya Ueda - Love in Snow (Timed)
[Kaizokuban] Kamenashi Kazuya - Kizuna (Timing)
[Kaizokuban] Tanaka Koki - Real 7
[Kaizokuban] Nakamaru Yuichi - Jinx

Those are the projects that I have prioritized and will try my best to get out to you all soon. Please be patient for a little while longer. Your patience is greatly appreciated, hehe ^_^

My Mood atm: awakeawake

thank you so much for your hard work ♥
and the hardwork you have yet to do again D: goodluck yea ^_^

I'm really excited for the CTKT :D

more power to you and your subbing team ♥