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About DeVOtioN
DeVOtioN started off as a spur of the moment thing. There were no real big plans for it. But, over time, it has grown. And now, I've decided to take it further by bringing you "DeVOtioN Subs".

DeVOtioN's interests are fairly big and is here to spread the love of JE, a select J-Actors and even some Korean love~ If you're interested, then feel free to join us! Be it applying for a space on our team, or leeching off from us (>_>), DeVOtioN is up for it! :P

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Dymed_AnGel [userpic]

Hey to all those who watch and follow this fansubbing group. Yeah, I know this post is like two years overdue...maybe more? Wow...it sure has been forever... I really wanted to complete KAT-TUN's Cartoon KAT-TUN II You DVD's 2nd Disc, but as I'm sure most of you may have guessed by now, that never happened. Now..I do still intend to finish it, sometime in the future, but due to the major change and move in my life over these past couple of months, I won't be able to do so anytime soon.

I've pretty much lost everything I had on all my subbing projects and will have to start again from scratch. Not to mention I don't have my own computer atm (had to sell mine when I moved). So, the deal right now is that there will be no futher KAT-TUN projects released until I've established a new computer, and re-equiped myself with all the tools, videos, software, translations and material needed to get back in the game.

I really apologize to all those who were waiting on the releases, but hopefully when I'm able to start again, it'll be a lot better T_T. I truly do miss every minute I spent fansubbing. Take care y'all~ Much love and thanks for all the support everyone had shown us up until now.


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